Teaching Schedule


9 AM All Level Flow  at Uptown Yoga Austin Ranch

10:30 AM Deep Stretch at Uptown Yoga Austin Ranch


6 AM All Levels Vinyasa at Super Yoga Palace 


10:30 AM Yoga for Healing at  Sync Yoga & Wellbeing

Noon All Level Flow at V12 Yoga


6 AM Deep Stretch  at Uptown Yoga Austin Ranch

9 AM Vinyasa at Uptown Yoga Austin Ranch


Here and there you'll find me at BalancingEnergy.



Why I Practice

I began practicing yoga to find relief from the overwhelming anxiety and unhappiness I carried with me on a daily basis. Yoga gave me a space and language to explore how I can be the agent of my own happiness and wellbeing. When I teaches, I serve as a guide for my students to connect with and explore the innate wisdom within themselves.

To me, yoga is a life practice that continues off the mat. What I love about this practice is that we do not practice in spite of everyday life, but because of it. Whether we feel happy, sad, content, or stressed; we practice anyway.

There is always something to learn, and this simple fact draws me back to my mat to study, practice, and explore again and again. I am grateful to my teachers for being living examples of the power of self-inquiry, compassion, and curiosity. I am also grateful to my yoga community and the spaces we grow together.


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